Lacquered Bowls

Our coconut bowls are made from discarded coconut shells and are cut, polished, painted and lacquered by hand. The lacquer is food safe and the bowls can be used for eating, storing trinkets or display purposes.

Each bowl weighs approximately 100g and has a diameter of between 12-15cm making them easy to stack and transport.

They come in a variety of 10 block and 6 mosaic colours and look best displayed as a multiple of these.

A minimum order of 50 bowls is recommended so they can be displayed to their best eye-catching ability.

Natural Bowls

Our raw coconut bowls are 100% natural and are cut and polished by hand. They can be used in cafes for serving healthy smoothies, acai and breakfast bowls. They are also great for hot foods like rice or cold foods such as ice cream.

Each bowl weighs less than 100g and has a diameter of approximately 13-16cm.

A minimum order of 30 bowls is recommended.

Wooden Spoon

Our spoons are made from the wood of the coconut tree and are 15cm long. They make a great addition to the coconut bowls and can be sold as a bowl and spoon set.

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